What’s Your Fitness Story?

What’s Your Fitness Story?

Fitness StoryIn our Commit to 5k program, we always start with helping the participants identify the story that has been running their lives in the area of health and fitness. Once they identify the story and recognize how it has been a limiting factor, they can then write a new and more empowering story. The story determines the feelings we hold, which determines the actions we take and the possibilities we see for ourselves. Many of the women in our group tell the story of self-sacrifice for their families and not having the time to take care of themselves. They’ve practiced it to such an extent that they are paralyzed from taking action and they feel defeated. Their actions don’t match their desires.

As parents, we might think we’re doing the right thing by our children in sacrificing our time for them, but the truth is we are teaching them by our example and modeling of self-care. What do you really want to teach your children by example? What is the legacy you want to leave that they will carry on in how they live?

When we model an active lifestyle for our children, we teach them how to take their health and wellness into their own hands, for life. When we make time for some form of fitness in our daily routine, our family benefits because we return to them in a better frame of mind. We know from experience that going for a run often gives us a space to shake off stress and clear our heads, and we always return home more focused and happy.

Are you wondering what your story is and how it plays out in the area of health and fitness? All you have to do is look at the circumstances of your life in this area then back track from the circumstances to the thoughts that consistently run through your mind in relation to it and you’ve uncovered your story. You can even trace that story further back and see how it has been a thread through your entire life.

A little follow up activity for you: Identify your story and write it down. Then pay attention as you move through your days and see how it shows up and plays out in your life. Journal about what you notice and become aware of it in yourself and how you allow that story to limit you.

Commit to 5K is a 10 week program that combines life coaching wiht run coaching to ensure that participants reach their goal-crossing the finish line at their first 5K race and establishing healthy, positive internal and external habits.  More information can be found at www.facebook.com/committo5K

Guest Writers-Khatija Dadabhoy and Kristen Bell
Khatija Dadabhoy leads the life coaching portion of the program. She is a transformational counselor and coach who holds an MA in counseling.  She specifically works with women who are ready to experience their inner revoluntion!!

Kristen Bell leads the running and physical fitness portion of the program.  She is a certified running and triatholon coach.  She’s been helping women kickstart and reach their fitness goals since 2010.

Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

Cindy has worked for What's Up for Kids for over 19 years and is thrilled to take over as owner/publisher. She loves helping South Bay parents connect with resources and working with camps, schools and other businesses to get the word out about their quality programs and services for families. For marketing information you can contact her at cindy@whatsupforkids.com.

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