What one Thing can Make Your Business Image Pop?

What one Thing can Make Your Business Image Pop?

Want to shine in your business? Want to gets lots of positive attention? Want to get you and your business noticed? Then all you have to do is 1 simple thing….Wear a bold color near your face!

I must say this a hundred times a week, and yet I’m still surprised at how many women show up to do business looking…well, blah. Remember that you are in business to make money. Part of making money and attracting people to you and to your brand is to stand out from all the competition out there. Yes black clothing can be classic and thinning. But it’s also AGING! Unless it fits with your brand, you don’t want to look like an old and out of touch business woman.

So how can you add a jolt of color to your image and your business? It’s easy. Here are 4 inexpensive ways you can easily add color to your wardrobe – while still extending the life of your black basics.

  1. Wear a bold colored jacket or cardigan – This is an easy way to spice up your blah wardrobe. The best part is, one bold jacket or cardigan can give your existing wardrobe 3 times as many looks. Wear it over dresses, with dress slacks, or a skirt. You can even wear a bold blazer instead of your black suit jacket.
  2. Wear bold and brightly colored jewelry – especially necklaces and earrings. You can spend a lot or a little on jewelry, but when you invest in colorful pieces, you can dress up (and brighten!) anything, even your weekend wear. And your business look becomes more memorable.
  3. Wear a bright scarf around your neck. There are literally a hundred ways you can wear a scarf. This one item gives you the most wardrobe versatility. (Bonus, it keeps you warm in those chilly conference rooms!)
  4. Wear a bright colored shirt under your suit jacket (or without the suit jacket all together). The great thing with wearing a bold colored shirt UNDER your suit, is that the style can be anything from casual to dressy. Either way, you only need a peek-a-boo shot of color to get your point across.

When you add a bright color near your face, not only do you (and your brand) look fresher, but you also get LOTS of positive attention. And with positive attention comes compliments, loads of them. (So brace yourself to get more compliments than usual!)

Any of these solutions will easily (and affordably) brighten your basic black blahs, help you attract a bigger audience, and keep your business at the top of your audience’s mind. If you need any help, remember I’m here for you. No go out there and chase those boring business blah’s away!

Authored by: Kirin Christianson

Red Haute Mama, Kirin Christianson, lifts women from the doldrums of everyday and back into the ‘va va va voom.’ She helps them re-discover their inner bombshell. From toes to tresses, no nook goes uncovered without examination. Providing expertise in all things glam, she steers women toward the holy grail of glamor. Advice, workshops, tutorials and haute deals, taking them straight to the best glam tips. FEEL amorous, glamorous, and flat out fabulous! Visit www.redhautemama.com.

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