Washington DC: A Family Destination

Washington DC: A Family Destination

Washington DC For FamiliesOnce a year for two weeks in April our Nations Capital becomes alive with the sight and smells of the beautiful Cherry Blossoms – just amazing. As quick as they arrive that is how quick they leave but the memories from this trip will always be with us.

My name is Karen Murphy and I work for Travelstore in Palos Verdes, and Washington in the spring is a wonderful experience for families. Ages of the children are important however, our youngest is 12 and he was very impressed and engaged with our American History. The city is very welcoming and there is a great sense of pride that is really evident.

My family experienced a tour of the White House, The Capital Building, Senate Galleries, and the Library of Congress. Advance planning is important for these guided tours and has to be made through your local congressman, but with ample notice you should be able to see all that you want. I recommend at least six months prior to traveling to make your plans.

The memorials and museums are wonderful, they are free and open to everyone. Our favorite was the Lincoln Memorial but there is the Vietnam, Korean War, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, Iwo Jima, George Washington and the new WWII memorial completed in 2004, all of which are impressive in their own right.

Museums like the Smithsonian, Air and Space, American History, Natural History, and Portrait Galleries are only a few of the many that are close to the mall.In addition there is now a Spy Museum and the Newseum which charge an entry fee and both fascinating.

Getting to and around DC is very easy. Non-Stop flights from LAX into Reagan or Dulles International airports. There is a wide range of hotels to accommodate family’s needs as well as a very efficient metro train system. We did however enjoy walking in the city, one day from The Capital Building to Georgetown, so bring your tennis shoes!

So many really great restaurants to choose from, fine dining or local grown organic food trucks! DC has so much to offer.

The next time you are looking to make some lasting memories and not just a suntan consider Washington DC you will be very happy you did.

Authored by: Karen Murphy

Karen shares a conviction that as world travelers we have a responsibility as individuals and as a company with respect to positive social and environmental change. She is committed to responsible travel that promotes understanding of and helps conserve cultural and natural environments, and are mindful of practicing good citizenship that is supportive of places we visit, as well as of our own community. Learn more at www.travelstoreusa.com

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    Hooray!!! I found you 🙂 It’s the Leigh from Mom’s Group…way back in the day! The kids and I want to
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