“Wait for Us!”

“Wait for Us!”

ice cream coneThere’s a family outing I enjoy very much and that’s the “let’s get ice cream!!!” event. Of course in California we treat ourselves to wheat grass frozen yogurt with bean spout topping but the spirit is still the same.

So the other night, on our way home from the weekly boy scout meeting, I was surprise at the tepid reaction when I announced, “WHO WANTS ICE CREAM!!!”

“Uhhhhh, I had two cookies and some apple pie already today Dad,” said our son.

“I ate a lot today Dad and don’t want to get a bellyache,” said our daughter.

My wife chimed in with, “I’m OK sweetie, but you go ahead if you want to.”

I was a little bummed out that we were bypassing the flavor choosing, topping selecting, mind changing ritual. However, the thought of a peanut butter cone with chocolate sprinkles obliterated all remorse.

“OK, I’ll be back in a minute,” I said, tossing a wink to the kids and a smile to my wife as I stepped from the vehicle, shutting and locking the driver’s side door (gotta deter those ice cream parking lot car jackers). The moment I turned away I began the count in my head, “One…two…thr” I heard the familiar sound of a door latch…”WAIT FOR US!!!!”

Like I didn’t know that was going to happen.

Authored by: Michael Malgeri

Michael lives in Redondo Beach with his wonderful wife and their beautiful children, the stars of "On Dad's Watch." He makes a living in the software industry and pursues writing in between fun family events. Along with "On Dad's Watch," Michael believes there's a need to teach young people about the morality and practicality of Capitalism as well as provide them with an alternative perspective on environmental issues. His books on these topics can be found at www.kids4biz.com.

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