Using Their Feng Shui Personal Directions Improved ADHD Children’s Grades!

Using Their Feng Shui Personal Directions Improved ADHD Children’s Grades!

P.K. Odle - Using Their Feng Shui Personal DirectionsOn occasion, the majority of parents expect their children to have trouble completing homework assignments. However, for parents of children with Attention Deficient / Hyperactive Disorder, it’s more often a nightly struggle. Even with parental help, ADHD children struggle to complete projects. Can you imagine what it’s like being the parent of 4 children with ADHD ranging in age from 6 to 15?

Many ADHD children and adults are actually geniuses… who just have trouble concentrating. Their minds are so active that it’s extremely hard for them to sit still and focus long enough to complete a task, especially if they aren’t that interested in the task.

In 2003, I had the opportunity to help a family with 4 ADHD children. When we reached the “Feng Shui Personal Direction” part of the consultation, I asked if each child wanted to hear about their “Personal Directions.” I explained that over four centuries ago Chinese Feng Shui Masters discovered that each of us have many magnetic directions that support us and some that are actually bad for us. They were fascinated that I could determine all of their personal directions from each of their dates of birth.

Each child listened… as I explained how they have a 15° direction that would make doing their math and history homework easier, because it supports the side of their brain that works on those subjects. And that the other side of their brain is where their imagination and creativity comes from.

As we sat at the kitchen table, I showed each child which directions to point their back when they were doing their left brain (analytical) homework and which way to sit when they want to be creative by using their right brain. It was important to include each child in the process, so that they would be on-board with doing their homework sitting in their most supportive directions.

Taking that extra time certainly paid-off, because each child has continued to use their supportive directions with great results. The oldest daughter went from 8C’s, 4D’s & 3F’s to 8A’s, 5B’s & 3C’s. While the oldest who previously received all F’s, received only B’s & C’s the following year. The youngest son received 3B’s & 3C’s in first grade and after using his supportive directions he received 2A’s & 4B’s in second grade. Even the preschool daughter went from getting slight improvement marks to great improvement in kindergarten.

Now, their mom wants to take her compass to their classrooms to see if they have the option to sit in their supportive directions at school. She’s determined to give them every advantage possible. She’s preserved their Feng Shui Personal Directions diagrams in acid-free sheet protectors, so they can use them for their entire lifetime.

When I asked for her permission to write about her family, she asked me to include the following statement in my article….

“Another benefit to having P.K. Feng Shui our home is that we have become more harmonious. My children take direction / guidance easier and faster. That means I don’t have to baby-sit them through each task, time after time. Now, I supervise the first part of the task, and then they come to me if they need assistance or when they’re ready for me to check that they’ve successfully completed the task.

Emotionally, this has changed the dynamics of our entire family, because I no longer need to micro-manage (or “supervise”) homework time. My children’s new level of self-direction is another benefit of them using their Feng Shui Personal Directions. Needless to say, their self-confidence has improved, as well as their relationships with each other… because they’re now able to help each other.”

Thanks to P.K. for doing something for our family that I couldn’t manage on my own. I appreciate you and your gift.” – Ruth Sanchez, Irvine, CA

Barely 5% of Feng Shui consultants worldwide can determine ALL of your 45° & 15° ‘Personal Directions,’ especially your 15° Analytical vs. Creative; Prosperous vs. Consuming; Lonely vs. Romance and Valued Friends (aka Referral Partners) vs. Backstabber directions. For more information on how those directions are affecting your life on a daily basis click here.

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Guest Writer – P.K. Odle
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