Tips for getting your family in the Holiday Spirit

Tips for getting your family in the Holiday Spirit

Wow I can’t believe December is finally here. That means 24 days until the big day! I haven’t done anything to prepare for Christmas Mania. Now that I have two daughters I am responsible for creating holiday traditions for them to grow up with and hopefully pass on to their children. No pressure. I came up 10 ideas to help us get in the holiday spirit.

1. Send Holiday cards. Sending Xmas cards are a good way to get you and your children involved in reaching out to love ones while  showing family personalities through the cards.

2. Buy A Christmas tree together. Drive out to your local Christmas tree lot and let the kids help pick one for the family.

3. Decorate the Christmas tree together. Throw on some holiday jams and go to town with christmas decorations. Give each child their own special task.

4.  Family Game Night. Host friends or family members for an evening of fun: Light the fire , break out a giant Christmas puzzle, pictionary or maybe twister. Wear your ugliest Christmas sweater while your at it. Guaranteed a night full of laughter.

5. Christmas  Movie Night – Heat up some hot cocoa or hot apple cider, pop some corn  and watch a Christmas themed movie together. Go traditional with a holiday-centric flick like It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street.

6. Bake holidays cookies  and let the kids decorate them how they would like.  Then help them wrap them up and share with your neighbors and mailman.

7. Visit candy Lane or Santa’s Village. Drive over to a street in your neighborhood or city that’s known for its fabulous winter decor. The dazzling displays will surely put everyone  in the yuletide spirit.

8. Donate what you can. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter or donate clothing and toys to local shelter or charity.

9. Sing Along- Break out those old Christmas Cd’s and play them around the house or in the car as you pick up kids from school or go Christmas caroling to friends and families homes.

10. Start a Holiday Tradition

Now I’m getting in the holiday spirit already!! How about you?  Do you have any traditions you’d like to share?

Authored by: ChristieRichards

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