Think Before You Speak

Think Before You Speak

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they make a disparaging comment and then follow it up little girl whisperingwith “I was just kidding.” Well, we all know that sometimes people say things that are hurtful and then realize after the fact that what they said wasn’t very nice and think that by saying “I was just kidding” the other person will not be hurt.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can be very hurtful. I know because it started happening to me as a kid and continues to happen to me in my adulthood. Although kids and adults act jovial about it, I always think that in the back of their minds what they said is what they “really” think of me.

We all have been guilty of this at one point or another and the reason I am making a point of it now is because sometimes we don’t realize how hurtful our words can be. The lesson here is to teach your kids to be careful of what they say to other people. You never know when it might really hurt someones feelings, even if they are just kidding. Teach your kids to abide by the T.H.I.N.K. rule:

T= Is it True?
H= Is it Helpful?
I= Is it Inspiring?
N= Is it necessary?
K= Is it Kind?

If your child answers no to any of these questions, they should consider not
saying it? I hope that knowing this rule will spare them from any hard
feelings and teach them a valuable life lesson.

Authored by: Kari Doody

Certified etiquette trainer Kari Doody, owner of Courteous and Cool etiquette School here in the South bay, is teaching kids, tweens and teens manners for the modern world. As a mother of three children, she understands the daily issues we all face as parents. The world may be constantly evolving but , but the basic principals of etiquette still hold strong and true. For more information visit Courteous and Cool Etiquette School.

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