The Xbox vs. the Cardboard Box: Finding the Balance

The Xbox vs. the Cardboard Box: Finding the Balance

Electronic Play, Play, Art, The use of electronics in our household is a hot topic to say the least. I tend to be pretty strict, feeling it is important to set limits. I have been called harsh and mean, but that is part of being a parent. Stay strong I say!

I grew up with very hands on play – we rode bikes, roller skated, had swim parties, sleep overs, and played outside all day. My mother actually had a bell she would ring to tell us to come home for dinner knowing we were somewhere on the street at someone’s house playing. The “the dinner bell” is actually still in her home today and I love it.

Today, as we all know, “play” can look very different. A few years ago, a friend’s son came over with ipad in hand and I was stunned. We have basketball, bikes, scooters, skateboards, foosball and more. Wow. Did I miss something? My job as a parent changed. I now include “electronics manager” to my ever growing resume.

electronic play, play, artKeeping the balance between “play” and “electronic play” is what we need to be aware of. Summer is coming which means more free time. Free time is a great thing for a child so make sure you have lots of balls, sports equipment, art supplies, and spaces to play. When they pick up their devices, and they will, designate a clear set time for that too. Maybe one day there will be so many children playing again in the street we will all have to get “dinner bells” to remind them to come home to eat.
See you in art class!

Authored by: Lauren Perelmuter

Lauren Perelmuter, Owner and Founder of Art To Grow On Children's Art Center, Inc. has been dedicated to and deeply involved in the arts and art education for 25 years. As Founder and President, Perelmuter launched Art To Grow On Inc. in 2000, bringing Art Enrichment Programs, Products, and Services to children ages 18 months –18 years old. Perelmuter’s extensive background working with Schools, both private and public, along with Cities, Corporate Day Care Centers, Non-Profit Organizations and Corporations, has moved Art To Grow On Inc. to the forefront as one of the leading art enrichment providers in Southern California. Perelmuter believes the act of “creating” gives children Life Essential Skills: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Independent Learning, Collaboration, and Communication- skills this generation must embrace and refine not only to thrive but to contribute as global citizens and become optimal thinkers. “They are our future innovators!” Lauren can be reached at, and (310) 625-6028.

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