The Giant Monday

The Giant Monday

Goals, Plan, ResolutionsI like to call January the “Giant Monday”. I guess because we usually start new projects, diets, exercise programs, etc. on Mondays. So January becomes the “Giant Monday”…. the time to start new “stuff”…projects, goals, resolutions.

Goals and resolutions are not one in the same. Resolutions are hopes, dreams & fantasies. Goals are everything resolutions are…except with a plan!
One of your goals for the New Year may be to make some changes in your life, family, career, household, etc. If you have never set goals or have not been successful at them…here are some tips:

  1. Goals are categorized as: Personal……Professional….Family/Relationships….Home/Environment.
  2. Write them on paper…list your goals under each category
  3. Speak them so they become real and not just something you have been thinking about. Speak them to a trusted friend or to yourself….out loud!
  4. Now work them by setting a plan as to what it takes to accomplish the goal. Set deadlines for the steps to the completion.
  5. Mark the deadlines in your personal calendar or electronic organizer to help you to stay on target.
  6. Stay focused: keep the goals where you will see them regularly as a reminder, talk about them to a trusted friend/encourager, and picture the goal at completion.
  7. Re-evaluate your goals periodically to adjust the timeline, change the goal or drop it for another goal. Life changes. It’s okay to alter your goal…after all it’s your goal. Just don’t use this as a form of incompletion or procrastination!
  8. Celebrate the completed steps to your goal and of course the final completion of the goal. Throw a party…invite me. I would love to share in this experience of accomplishment! You can do this.


Ann Gambrell is a Professional Organizational Consultant and is available for private consultation or in a small group setting in her Clutter Support Groups. To learn more about accomplishing your goals concerning time management, clutter control & getting organized…. contact Ann at or phone 310-212-0917.

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Authored by: Ann Gambrell

Ann Gambrell is an organizational consultant, helping busy people to get organized since 1985. Ann is the originator of Creative Time-Plus, and conducts seminars, workshops and classes throughout the country. Ann is a founder and active member, of the National Association Of Professional Organizers. Her cassette tape and CD series relate to a variety of organizational topics including paperwork management, clutter control and kitchen organizing. View Ann's Profile on LinkedIn

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