Tea and Muffins

Tea and Muffins

muffin photoAs our children grow older it gets harder and harder to retain the “cool factor” in their eyes. The last cool thing I did for our kids was stick my finger in my mouth and make a loud “POPPING” sound! Nonetheless, parents must always play an advisory role, even if the verdict is “dullsville.”

Case in point is our never-ending quest to help our son with his social life. He tries very hard and is making progress even though his Tourette’s still gets in the way. This summer, we think he’ll be old enough to invite some friends over so they can go to the beach without a parental escort. The usual drill is to hang around the house for a while, consume a few megawatts playing video games, head to the beach and wrap it all up with a walk to the village for pizza and a Slurpee.

“Yeah,” said my wife on a drive one day. “If you want to invite some friends over, you can. It would be OK to go to the beach and then maybe you guys could walk downtown for a tea and muffins.”

Our daughter had been listening quietly to the exchange while gazing out the window. I sensed her need to get involved and caught her contorted expression of horror in the rear view mirror. She only needed three words to convey her sentiments…”TEA AND MUFFINS!!??”

Authored by: Michael Malgeri

Michael lives in Redondo Beach with his wonderful wife and their beautiful children, the stars of "On Dad's Watch." He makes a living in the software industry and pursues writing in between fun family events. Along with "On Dad's Watch," Michael believes there's a need to teach young people about the morality and practicality of Capitalism as well as provide them with an alternative perspective on environmental issues. His books on these topics can be found at www.kids4biz.com.

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