“Ummmm….no.” I remember the day all too well. My first rejection by a girl I REALLY liked. I was only 13 and I’d asked her out, hoping she’d have mercy on my fragile ego. Perhaps she’d pretend to be my girlfriend for a little while, or at least stop breaking out in hives when I got near her…no such luck. Heartache sucks! I was a happy cowboy the day I met the girl of my dreams.

So, there I was a few days ago having a vicarious heartache as I listened to our son lament about a girl on whom he had an obvious crush.

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School Manners

Shake handsGuess what? It is almost back to school time already. The stores are stocking up on school supplies, uniforms, new shining shoes, and lunch boxes. But are your kids ready for all of the social challenges awaiting them? Together we can get them (and you) prepared.

Be a Positive Example

Help your children be ready to go back to school!