The Secret to Juggling Family Life With Ease

With the demands of everyday life, raising children can be a circus. We are living in a world that is faster paced than when we were children and sometimes we can feel like we are hamsters running on exercise wheels.  In addition to this faster pace we have children who need our attention and guidance so that they are able to deal with the complex world they live in today.

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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Love From Mom and DadWhile the majority of “On Dad’s Watch” stories are about our wacky twosome, I’ve sometimes written about another wacky pair, my very own parents. They’re a couple of old folk who don’t quite know it yet. Today they left on a cruise, where I suspect they’ll surf … maybe not, but the attitude is there.

Each year around this time they make their way out west to escape the unbearable northeast global warming. Annually, I try coaxing them to come earlier and this year, by leveraging an exciting medical emergency, I succeeded! Aren’t I clever.

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