Summer Fun Learning Ideas

Summer Fun Learning Ideas

Summer is the time for fun and frolic. School bells aren’t ringing and your kids get time out from the boring syllabus. However, fun doesn’t mean that your kids should not be learning. Away from the curriculum of school there is lots your kids can learn while having fun. This article offers you some amazing summer fun learning ideas that will help your kids indulge in stimulating activities and get their basics right. These activities are designed to give a solid foundation to your kids so that they develop into sharper and smarter individuals and are full of confidence.

Send kids to summer camps for teens

Many summer camps for teens are designed keeping the concept of learning with fun in mind. In these camps, summer camps activities for kids are so devised that they allow kids to participate in activities that are apparently fun oriented but they let kids learn something new as well. Parents should encourage their grown up kids to participate in such teen summer programs so that they make the best use of vacation. There are sleepover camps for teens as well, which are full of fun and adventure.

Some great ideas for summer learning fun

Fun in your city

– During summer a lot of activities are happening around the city. Check newspapers and city websites to learn more. Besides, interesting events and competitions are also organized in museums, science centers and parks. Encourage your kids to participate in such events and unleash their talent.

Reading books

– Let your computer addict kids rediscover the magic of reading novels and magazines in hard copy. This will make them open up their horizons and learn about new things.


– Today, if you ask kids to write an essay they will feel bored but if you tell them to start a blog on their experiences, they’ll be immediately interested. Make your kids develop their writing talent by encouraging them to start a blog on their life.

Encourage social and community service

– Living in nuclear families, kids are becoming too friendly with computer and TV. Let your child discover emotions and become more human by allowing them to participate in community service or social service.

Let them be physically more active

– Remember how much fun you used to have with friends while playing traditional games in the park. If you are still in touch with those friends and if they have kids of you age, call them over and let the new generation also get a taste of fun you had when computers didn’t crowd our thoughts and life. You can also trawl the net for more outdoor games idea.

Learn to create new things

– Don on your thinking caps and get creative. Work as a team with your kids and create new things. Depending on your and your kid’s interest you can do some carpentry, cooking, sewing, knitting or make handicrafts out of waste material in home. There are several websites that offer you ideas and instructions in this regard.

Take time out for school curriculum

– In case your child is experiencing difficulties in a particular subject take extra efforts in that subject. You can make your child develop interest in the subject through creative ideas. For instance, if the subject is history, you can take your child out to museums and historical monuments or encourage watching educational TV. Such activities will make your child develop a passion for the subject and make him study harder.

Summer camps for teens is a great idea

If you are too occupied in your work or feel lacking in ideas a good way out would be send your child for teen summer programs. These camps organize several summer camp activities for kids letting your child learn new things in a fun filled atmosphere. For your grown up child sleepover camps for teens is also a great option.

Guest Writer – Jimmy Sorensen

Jimmy feels that parents should take extra efforts to encourage their children to make the best use of their holidays. He also suggests sending children for teen summer programs. Summer camps are designed to let children have fun along with learning.

Authored by: Cathy Alessandra

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