Stress and your Family: Simple Steps To Give Stress The Boot!

Stress and your Family: Simple Steps To Give Stress The Boot!

stressWe all know that stress doesn’t feel good and we’re usually willing to overlook it but, only because we don’t know another way. Some parents may feel that they need stress to help them get something done or to push their kids to get out the door in the morning.

Our bodies are designed to handle stress, to a certain limit. The problem is that most of us, as parents, don’t take a break from it. If we don’t find an outlet, we never give our bodies a chance to recover. We stay in that “fight or flight zone” which eventually wears away at our health and our patience. This stress filters down to our children through our actions, reactions and our ability to parent confidently. “Negative stress impedes learning memory and performance” (The Powerful Impact of Stress, by Victoria Tennant). Children who are constantly exposed to stress can begin to experience challenges in their ability to think clearly and make proper choices. All parents want the best for our children, so we must be willing to become the best person we can.

Here are some activities that we can use to reduce stress;

  • YOGA

Try using just a few of these suggestions. Not only will your kids benefit from a more patient parent, but you will be modeling a way of life that they will unconsciously learn and apply. Yes, it starts with your choices, but don’t worry, you’ll also reap the rewards by becoming more of the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

If the activities I’ve listed above are still a bit daunting, here’s a way to make a few of them happen in just 2 minutes per day!

  1. Can’t exercise today? Set a timer for 2 minutes and do 10-15 jumping jacks to get your blood flowing, do a safe runners stretch then run in place or around your house/yard until the timer goes off. One more runners stretch and you’ll be ready to parent with a fresh perspective.
  2. Finding it hard to spend connected time with your kids? This exercise can be completed in less than 2 minutes. Find a moment to pull your child aside, look right into their eyes and tell them what quality you like best about them. You’re planting seeds that will harvest cooperation and self-esteem in your child.
  3. Laughing! Watching a great comedy takes time but, we live in the age of You Tube! Find a “go to” video that will be sure to make you laugh. Those incredible endorphins will take you a lot further than a Red Bull.

Stress doesn’t have to be the force supporting your life. You can become that driving energy through your own conscious choices throughout the day. You children will learn from your actions and the opportunities for connecting with them will continue to grow!

Authored by: Michele Pullo

Michele Pullo created happycalmchild out of the needs of her own family and friends to have simple, tangible tools to help our children self-regulate their emotions, focus and ease anxiety. She works with both children and their parents through live and virtual classes, talks, webinars, family workshops and a private family program. She’s combined evidence based stress reduction tools with effective parenting techniques to give parents the support they need. Her experience as the mother of a 9yr old with ADD and a spirited 4yr old keeps her in the trenches with you! Michele’s background working with children, teaching Yoga and Dance along with 25 years of study on Stress Reduction Techniques, Movement for Learning and the Mind/Body Connection helped her create a structured, easy to follow, fun curriculum that gives kids the tools they need while giving parents the results and support they’ve been looking for!

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