Spotlight on South Shores Magnet School for the Visual and Performing Arts

Spotlight on South Shores Magnet School for the Visual and Performing Arts

Artshow 2What’s Up for Kids congratulates South Shores Magnet School for the Visual and Performing Arts for the Third-grade Art Show Art Inspires!  It was very clear from the amazing display of original, colorful artwork that this school inspires the students and allows them to explore their world beyond just the core academics.  I found myself captivated by the variety of projects professionally displayed.  I encourage you to drop and see the show, it will be on display March 27th,  and April 7th during school hours from 8:30am to 4pm in the school auditorium (check in at the office for a visitor’s pass.)

During the second semester of the school year, all third graders create and participate in a culminating art show using all types of visual art media.  This has been shown both on campus and at local gallery spaces, which gives students a very professional sense of accomplishment and ownership.

artshow 6South Shores Magnet School for the Visual and Performing Arts is a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school located in San Pedro, serving students from throughout Los Angeles Unified School District.  Their goal is to provide the diverse student body with a strong, well-rounded education in academics and the arts in a safe and welcoming environment.  They believe that an emphasis on the visual and performing arts can broaden and deepen the academic experiences of their students, improve their scholastic achievement, and develop their self-worth while making them more connected to their communities and the world.

artshow 5In addition to the academic subjects, the arts are taught as discrete disciplines at various times throughout the week.  Each student receives instructions in each of the four areas of the arts every year: choral and instrumental music, dance, drama and the visual arts.  The art instruction by teachers is supplemented by itinerant teachers who educate students in both choral an instrumental music and by Arts Program teachers for Drama, Dance and the Visual Arts.

Although the school has a visual and performing arts theme, the staff ensures that all state academic standards are covered for all children.  The visual and performing arts are integrated into the classroom, both in the course of core academic lessons and through special programs.

While there are no academic or artistic criteria for entrance to South Shores, parents of students within LAUSD wishing to apply for this school or any magnet school must apply online at

Artshow 3

Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

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