Spotlight on Savoir Faire

Spotlight on Savoir Faire

Laguage Immersion Pre-SchoolSpotlight on Savoir Faire Immersion Pre School and Language Programs in Redondo Beach.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk in depth with Joelle Petit Adkins, owner and director of Savoir Faire Language Institute in Redondo Beach which was founded in 1995. It is a very exciting time at Savoir Faire because they have just launched a 100% Immersion Pre School Program and have moved into a large, new location. I wanted to find out more about their new Pre-school as well as language classes for kids and adults.

Joelle explained that the objective of the new Pre-school is to have little ones prepared to go to Kindergarten in the language of their choice including English, Spanish, French or Chinese. This way those students who wish to continue in an immersion program at the elementary school level will be equally prepared as those that will go on to traditional kindergarten. The pre-school is fully licensed and offers all the benefits of traditional pre-school programs, but also offers students the opportunity to be fully immersed in one, two or three additional languages in a 100% immersion program. Parents will have the choice as to which languages they want their child to study. In addition to a focus on language, the program will also address socialization and how to function in the kindergarten environment, small and large motor skills, as well as other subjects that open the mind to learning such as science projects and problem solving. The pre-school offers before and after school care and is open from 7:45am to 5:30pm. For a peek into what the classes look like, click here to view a previous video we posted about the new Pre-school.

Savoir Faire continues to offer classes for older kids and adults and will soon also launch a Mommy and Me program. For elementary school kids, there are beginner programs and also programs for kids that are continuing after the pre-school immersion program that want to continue to build on their language skills. Adult programs are also available. All classes from Mommy and Me to Adult are taught by native speakers of the target language being taught, and all instructors are also University graduates with at least BA in mostly Education and Bilingual Education. Joelle is very proud of what she calls her “amazing team of educators”, explaining they share their enthusiasm for their native language and culture and bring that passion to the program.

Language Immersion Pre-schoolFinally we spoke a little about the new location which is located near the Redondo Beach pier in the retail spaces in the upper parking structure. Joelle loves the environment offered by the new location, explaining the architecture, bright natural lighting, and spacious rooms are all very conducive to learning. It is a bonus that they are also walking distance to the park and the beach.

If you are interested in finding out more about Savoir Faire Language Institute and the new Pre-school Program, the school will be holding an Open House (2 to 4 pm) of their new location on April 19th. Interested families can also make an appointment to come and observe a class by calling (310) 379-1086. For more information you can visit

Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

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