Spotlight on Courteous and Cool Etiquette School

Spotlight on Courteous and Cool Etiquette School

Etiquette, Courteous and Cool, social skillsCourteous and Cool Etuquette School offers children a unique opportunity to learn manners and conversations skills that increase confindence and allow children and teens to thrive in social situation.  Kari Doody, owner and Certified Etiquette Trainer shares that etiquette is all about learning to fit in, respecting each other and enjoying yourself in social situations. Courteous and Cool etiquette school teaches your child the skills he/she needs to walk into any new situation with confidence and poise.

Tell us a little about your program.
Respecting and valuing others is a key factor in growing up to be a confident and poised adult. Strict rules are no longer required today, but the basic principals of etiquette still hold strong and true. Good table manners, pleasant conversation skills, exuding confidence- never go out of style. Manners make life more pleasant for everyone. These classes will prepare your children for the future, with classes geared to improve their attitude and self-confidence, while they have fun doing it.

Proud 2 be politeWhat do kids love most about your programs?
We believe that in the past, etiquette classes might have been perceived as intimidating or old-fashioned. Traditional etiquette training doesn’t meet the needs of today’s fast-paced world, so we created a way to make it relevant and fun. We do a lot of role playing and have fun activities that they do with their peers. We believe that kids enjoy our classes because the programs are geared to bring awarenes to this new generation that needs to be able to understand the importance of face-to-face interaction, as well as good manners in today’s digital age. Our friendly, interactive and entertaining approach keeps them engaged and keeps them coming back for more.

What is unique about your program?
Good manners will never go out of style! Whether it is getting your kid ready for a special event, helping your child become more adjusted with friends at school or getting your teen ready for their first job interview. Social skills are necessary to be successful throughout life.

“What’s Up” during the summer months at Courteous & Cool?
We offer summer classes and workshops for ages 4-7, 8-12 and 13 & up throughout the summer. If our class schedule doesn’t work for you, we also offer private classes for groups and individuals. You can even customize a class to fit your personal needs.

How can parents find out more?
Visit for a complete schedule of workshops, private lessons, after-school programs, summer classes as well as information on our very popular modern Cotillion program located in downtown Manhattan Beach that starts in October 2015.

Visit or call Mrs. Kari Doody at 310-261-7235.

Kari Doody, Courteous and Cool Etiquette SchoolAbout Kari Doody
Kari Doody, founder of the Courteous and Cool Etiquette School. After having three children and sharing stories with other mom’s, I realized that many role models that our children look up to were in the news – and not in a good way. We aren’t born with good manners, they need to be cultivated at a young age and reinforced throughout young adulthood. That’s not easy to do when there’s school, homework and extra curricular activities. At the end of the day, who has the energy to turn the dinner table into a classroom?

My father was a very successful businessman who entertained at home, so there was ‘on the job’ training starting when I was very young. Once I reached middle school – I was enrolled in cotillion for four years and learned the art of socializing and behavior with other young adults my age. None of it was difficult – and all of it was great fun.

All parents want to prepare their children with the necessary knowledge for them to thrive as adults. So, whatever level your child is at, I can help them improve their skills and confidence – and they can have fun doing it with my age appropriate games and activities. You will see after the first class that they have lots of new information, and will want to show it off!


Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

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