Splurge or Save? Getting the Most Bang for Your Beauty Buck

Splurge or Save? Getting the Most Bang for Your Beauty Buck

The beauty industry is an $11 billion a year business. If you want it, you can get it. Anything from hair care, to makeup to skin care, to nails….the list keeps going and going. And let’s talk marketing messages that are being lobbied your way on a daily basis. Are those $125 moisturizers enticing you to believe your wrinkles will be gone forever? Do you feel you absolutely HAVE to spend more money to look more fabulous? Or are drugstore items really as good as the high-end stuff? Guess what? The truth is, YES there are beauty products you should splurge on…and there are also quite a few you should save your money on.

Here is the ultimate guide on when to splurge and when to save.


  • Moisturizer – I think this should be in both categories. Especially since your skin can be transformed with amazing skincare. Moisturizer can change your life….and your skin. it’s worth the splurge.
  • Foundation – Foundation evens out your skin-tone and the perfect shade makes your skin look flawless. Some of the less expensive lines tend to have the wrong undertones for most skin tones.
  • Powders – as in eye-shadow or blush in a powder form. The more expensive brands tend to be easier to apply. And a little bit of color goes a longer way – so you don’t need as much….which means you don’t have to buy it as often….which saves you money in the long run. You’re welcome.
  • Shampoos – even if you don’t put chemicals on your hair to color or straighten it, you really, really, really want to use a higher quality shampoo. Not all high priced shampoos are right for you though. Be sure to talk to your hair professional about your specific type of hair so you can get the best results. Remember, when you are having a “good hair day” you look and feel fantastic all over. You hair is a an investment and your shampoo should be too.
  • Lotion – Most lotions contain mineral oil. Use a brand that doesn’t so your skin stays hydrated and soft. My personal favorite are the body butters by Body Shop. I even like to give these as gifts to friends….because friends don’t let friends use drying lotion.


  • Cleanser – Cetaphil is a great cleanser and you can get it at your local drugstore.
  • Moisturizer – Again, Cetaphil is a great moisturizer for your face and your skin. After getting peels, this is the moisturizer my physician suggests using as a temporary measure until I can get back on my active ingredient skin care protocol.
  • Mascara – Almost every makeup artist I’ve ever worked with uses Maybeline Great Lash mascara. Use three coats on your top lashes to give your lashes extra volume and thickness. Only use one coat on your bottom lashes. And be sure to buy a new tube every 2-3 months. They day it starts to clump, is the day you need a fresh tube. And since you are buying the cheap stuff, you can afford 4-6 tube a year.
  • Lipgloss – Save! Some of the most expensive glosses last just as long as some of the least expensive glosses. And they are a fun and easy way to freshen up your look.
  • Pencils – brow, lip, and eye pencils can still work well even if they are a less expensive brand. Some use more wax which makes them harder to apply evenly and the color less saturated. But overall, less expensive pencils are just fine.

There you go! An easy referral guide for you to save money…or spend it when you really need to. Happy shopping!

Authored by: Kirin Christianson

Red Haute Mama, Kirin Christianson, lifts women from the doldrums of everyday and back into the ‘va va va voom.’ She helps them re-discover their inner bombshell. From toes to tresses, no nook goes uncovered without examination. Providing expertise in all things glam, she steers women toward the holy grail of glamor. Advice, workshops, tutorials and haute deals, taking them straight to the best glam tips. FEEL amorous, glamorous, and flat out fabulous! Visit www.redhautemama.com.

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