Review of Petite Feet 2: The Alphabet Jungle for Young Dancers

Review of Petite Feet 2: The Alphabet Jungle for Young Dancers

Children's Dance Education, Dance DVD, Movement, DanceLiz, Waldo and their dancing friends are back with new stretches, games and ballet combinations as well as an exciting adventure through the Alphabet Jungle. Petite Feet 2 engages young dancers in activities that promote creativity, dance skill development and educational foundations through movement. Great for children ages 2-6, Petite Feet 2 features new original music, animation and a selection of bonus chapters offering options for dancers at different stages of their dance development. Click here for a chance to win your own copy!!

I asked my daughter and local dance instructor, Clarissa, to assist in reviewing this product. Here is what she had to say,

“As a former ballet dancer and current youth dance teacher, I found Liz’s video an excellent introduction to ballet technique, formatted in a way young children will find engaging and exciting. Basic stretches, steps and movement qualities are explored through song and games that will resonate with any young dancer. A perfect at-home introduction to ballet that will familiarize children with the new words and movements they might learn in a ballet class.” – Clarissa Donnelly

Petite Feet is a children’s series of DVDs that introduces the basics of ballet, general dance and musical concepts in fun and engaging ways. Using original music, a like-able costumed character, colorful sets, and more, Petite Feet is sure to get young children dancing, moving, shaking, and enjoying themselves … all in comfort of their own home.


  • Petite Feet provides engaging, fun ways to get kids moving via an easy and approachable introduction to the classic art form of ballet, all in the comfort of their own home.
  • Targeted to boys and girls ages 2 – 6, Petite Feet uses imagination, creative movement, storytelling, and original music to teach the fundamentals of ballet, dance and musical concepts.
  • Petite Feet was started in 2011 by Liz Vacco, the creator and owner. Currently getting her Master’s degree in Education with a focus on elementary education, she is an LA-based performer, choreographer and educator, and has performed at Lincoln Center, St. Ann’s Warehouse, Hanger Theatre, and many more. For nearly 15 years, Liz has taught dance, choreography, theater and yoga to children at various schools and studios and through various programs in New York City and Los Angeles, including New York City Ballet’s Education Program and at Gabriella Charter School.



Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

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