Recognizing Procrastination

Recognizing Procrastination

Organization, ProcrastinationWe all procrastinate. Yes, even professional organizers like myself. So why do we do it? Usually because it’s something we dread, like taxes, window cleaning, filing papers, purging over stuffed closets/drawers…and more.

Procrastination tactics take on a variety of forms: watching TV, reading, exercising, helping others, computer games/Facebook, online shopping, etc. We can all identify with one or more of these forms of putting things off. Below I describe my 3 P’s.
Many times we procrastinate because we think there isn’t enough time, energy or money to pursue the projects, which falls under another “P” word: perfectionism.  Which leads to another word… paralysis…meaning that nothing gets done! Thus my 3 “P’s.”

Once we get past the perfectionism problem, we can tackle the dreaded projects .

Here are a few tactics to try:

  1. Keep reminding yourself that it doesn’t have to be “perfect.” Just making progress will get it done.
  2. Set realistic goals.Examples: file papers for 5 minutes (set the timer), purge one file folder, clean out one kitchen drawer, wash one load of laundry, get rid of 3 articles of clothing or one pair of shoes you never wear, delete 10 old emails, purge one computer file, etc. Small goals work toward completion. Bit by bit…you can do it!
  3. Have a plan. Choose a time to do it. Morning, evening, Saturday, etc. Mark your calendar as an appointment with yourself. MAKE the time. Are you a “morning person or an evening person? Or do you have more time & energy on the week end? Set yourself up for success & you WILL succeed!
  4. Reward your accomplishments. Yes, you deserve a “compliment” to yourself for getting it done. We are eager to compliment others for their accomplishments… (children, friends, co-workers, etc.) so why not yourself?

You can do this!
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Authored by: Ann Gambrell

Ann Gambrell is an organizational consultant, helping busy people to get organized since 1985. Ann is the originator of Creative Time-Plus, and conducts seminars, workshops and classes throughout the country. Ann is a founder and active member, of the National Association Of Professional Organizers. Her cassette tape and CD series relate to a variety of organizational topics including paperwork management, clutter control and kitchen organizing. View Ann's Profile on LinkedIn

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