Pooltime Rules

Pooltime Rules

Ah, the good ole summer time. Warmer days filled with plenty of sunshine, the smell of coconut tanning lotion, colorful bathing suits and time spent pool side.

And who doesn’t love the water, especially children. Here are a few etiquette tips to make sure they and your fellow swimmers have a wonderful time.

If your children just came in from making mud pies outdoors, please have them shower before getting in the water. Otherwise a black ring of dirt will follow them once they jump into the water.

If child is wearing a bandage, consider removing it before he or she enters the swimming pool otherwise the bandage becomes a floating Barbie size surfboard. If he has an open sore, it is best to stay out of the pool until the wound is healed.

Diapers must be covered with plastic pants or appropriate swim diapers. This is not a “Let it all Hang Out” location. Also, when changing diapers or into dry clothing, do this inside the rest room, not poolside.

Bring toys for your children to play with and to share with others. Without toys to occupy them, they end up having water splashing fights which can bother others close by.

No peeing in the pool. Make sure your children take the time to get out of the water to “Make Water”. Also share with them to keep their mouths closed while swimming in case others are not following this rule.

Teach you children to watch for lap swimmers and to stay clear of their workout. Pools are places of exercise as well as joyous fun for kids.

Don’t let your angels run wild and expect someone else to watch them. Lifeguards are to “Guard Lives” and to keep everyone safe and having fun, not to teach manners.

Please don’t be a lounge or chair hog by taking over multiple chairs. If you’re going to leave your pool chair for an extended period of time, take your stuff with you and let someone else enjoy the sun.

It’s not appropriate to be screaming across the pool or lounging area to friends and family. All public places require you to act accordingly.

Now, get out there and make a SPLASH.

Authored by: Constance Hoffman

Constance Hoffman is owner of Social and Business Graces based in Los Angeles County, a full range protocol training company, which focuses on business and social skills for professional adults and teaching children how to place their best foot forward. Often referred to as “The Modern Day Ms. Manners”, Constance has been featured on The Learning Channel, ABC News, in OK! Magazine and the Los Angeles Times Newspaper. Her first guidebook, “Tips on Tipping”, is now available on her website, www.LearnSocialGraces.com.

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