New National Wildlife Federation Cougars of LA Trading Cards

New National Wildlife Federation Cougars of LA Trading Cards

Save The Cougar Trading CardsEver since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by mountain lions. I always read with great interest about human encounters with this elusive cat.  Like many in the Los Angeles area, I tune in to news stories about our local mountain lions and their struggles to survive in an increasingly urban setting.  So I was very pleased when What’s Up for Kids was offered a set of the new National Wildlife Federataion’s Cougar Trading Card Collection to review.  Cougars of LA is the first in the series and sure to be a hit.  Each card has a photo of an actual Los Angeles area cougar and the information that is known about that particular mountain lion.  The cards are perfect for older elementary aged children through adults.  The information is factual and includes mating information and the cause of death when known. Sadly many of these cats do not survive due to loss of habitat and other challenges but becoming aware of the challenges may inspire future conservationists to join the “Save LA Cougar” efforts!!

These new cards are fun and educational and help keep track of the famous Los Angeles area cougars – the cat kind. Each card features a photo on the front with the cougars name, sex and age. The back of the card has fascinating facts about the cougar itself. Who is P-22’s favored love match? What mountain lion has given birth to the most kids? Who takes the best cougar selfie? The set features the first 54 cougars that have been studied by the National Park Service in the Santa Monica Mountains and Greater LA area since 2002. For more information about the trading cards or to purchase, click here.

“The plight of P-22, P-45 and all their mountain lion relatives have captured the imagination of Angelinos and people across the globe,” said Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, the National Wildlife Federation’s California Executive Director and author of the book When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors . “A native species to California, mountain lions are an essential part of the health, character and landscape of the Los Angeles area and the Santa Monica Mountains. P-22, the city’s celebrity cougar, has inspired people all over the world with his remarkable journey across two of the busiest freeways in the country to find a new home. Angelinos voice support for his presence as a neighbor living in this natural area of the city.”

The cards are fun for people of all ages and make the perfect birthday or holiday gift, as well as the perfect fit for schools, zoos and hospitals. The full color set of 48 cards comes with durable plastic case. All proceeds benefit the National Wildlife Federation’s #SaveLACougars campaign.

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