Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible

On Dad's Watch, Hero“No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know, for a little bit?” “The Incredibles,” Pixar 2004.

When I travel I have to fantasize and if I so much as step aside for a 90 year being wheeled into an elevator, I’ll anoint myself a super hero. This week, I was on my way to an east coast business trip and the opportunity to wear a cape, figuratively speaking of course, presented itself as I boarded the plane.

“Sir, I think you’re in my AISE SEAT THAT I CAREFULLY BOOKED IN ADVANCE IN ORDER TO BE MORE CONFORTABLE ON THIS LONG FLIGHT!!!!,” I said to a relatively young man, whose 3-year old daughter was stretched out and peacefully sleeping across her parents respective laps. Naturally, I wasn’t that confrontational, but I’m certain he read my thoughts like a neon sign racing across my forehead.

“Would you mind changing seats with me so I could be with my family?” he asked so pleasantly.

If I had a million dollars to bet, I’d have laid it on the “he’s got a middle seat, in the back, that doesn’t recline and is in between two very large people” square.

Without hesitation, because I couldn’t bare to separate a kid from her Dad, I said, “sure, where’s your seat?”

30 seconds later I was about as “proximate” with 2 LARGE strangers as one can get without removing clothes. I could lie and tell you they also stunk and were rude, in order to elevate my heroism, but as is usually the case, they were very nice folk…rats, where are the jerks when you need ’em!?

The cosmos have a way of working things out, however, because here I sit on my return flight, sharing an ENTIRE ROW with NO ONE but my knapsack, laptop and soon to be served complimentary drink and pretzels. The view is magnificent, with my ElastiGirl and super kids waiting eagerly beneath the sunset for…the ice cream order I’ll take on my way home from the airport 🙂

See ya next time!

Authored by: Michael Malgeri

Michael lives in Redondo Beach with his wonderful wife and their beautiful children, the stars of "On Dad's Watch." He makes a living in the software industry and pursues writing in between fun family events. Along with "On Dad's Watch," Michael believes there's a need to teach young people about the morality and practicality of Capitalism as well as provide them with an alternative perspective on environmental issues. His books on these topics can be found at

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