Making the Most of Family Gatherings

Making the Most of Family Gatherings

Don’t underestimate the importance of good manners, even when you are with family members. Kids have a tendency to get lazy about good manners when they are with family. It’s important to teach your kids that just because we are with people that we are comfortable with, doesn’t mean we can forget how to behave. Kids love to impress relatives, so make the most of every family gathering with these simple tips for kids:

  1. Let your kids know that relatives love being greeted, especially if they haven’t seen them in a while. It’s important to stop what they are doing and say hello to people.
  2. When they are a guest, remind your kids to be flexible and patient with food. People don’t always eat at the same time as you do and feeding a large group of people can sometimes take extra time. If you think that they will be served later than usual, be prepared and bring a snack for your child to avoid any whining.
  3. Put technology AWAY. If your child is sucked into their itouch or cell phone, they will miss out on all of the family fun.  Childhood memories are created with family members, not devices.
  4. “I’m bored mom!” Sound familiar? Tell your child not to sit around and mope. Encourage them to grab a relative and strike up a conversation. Challenge your child to find out something they didn’t know about another family member and report back to you.
  5. Take pictures- get your child a disposable camera or let them borrow yours.  Kids love to take pictures and this is a great way to keep them entertained. Plus, your child will be so excited when you share their photos the next week with the family.
  6. Always have your child say goodbye and thank you to the host! This is great training for life.
Authored by: Kari Doody

Certified etiquette trainer Kari Doody, owner of Courteous and Cool etiquette School here in the South bay, is teaching kids, tweens and teens manners for the modern world. As a mother of three children, she understands the daily issues we all face as parents. The world may be constantly evolving but , but the basic principals of etiquette still hold strong and true. For more information visit Courteous and Cool Etiquette School.

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