Let’s Pass it On: Thoughtfulness. Kindness. Hope

Let’s Pass it On: Thoughtfulness. Kindness. Hope

GIVEActually, Starlight Children's Foundation, Art To Grow OnHappy Holidays to our fantastic readers, artists and families!

Amazing things have happened here at the Art To Grow On Inc. offices since I last wrote to you. It was a “normal” spring day at our offices – a day filled with preparing lessons, organizing supplies and the excitement of getting ready to teach! Then, the phone rang. We received a miracle call from Starlight Children’s Foundation, a leading global charity that partners with experts to improve the life and health of kids and families around the world. As I learned more about this amazing organization, I discovered they not only serve children facing chronic illness and hospitalization between the ages of 0-20, but that they deeply believe in the power of art and its therapeutic benefits as well as its ability to positively transform a child’s medical journey.

After several meetings and phone calls, we are thrilled to introduce Starlight Children’s Foundation as our Philanthropic Partner. As a starting point, this November we will be participating in Starlight’s GIVEactually holiday campaign. The campaign’s message is powerful: it doesn’t matter how, when, why where, why or what that you give, only that you give. So, give. GIVEactually. If the mission of Starlight doesn’t resonate with you, then take the time to choose another organization that is meaningful to you and your family and GIVEactually.

As part of our partnership we are launching Art with a Heart for Pediatric Care, a campaign that will bring the healing power of art and creativity to pediatric facilities nationwide. The funds raised could support the creation of murals in children’s hospitals, art galleries, and creative play spaces. Art To Grow On will also be donating our The Art Box Academy sets directly to patients.

How will you and your family GIVEactually this holiday season? The act of giving can start at a young age. I remember seeing my grandparents give when I was quite young and it really made an impact on me. It could be $5 or $25 or $100 …they were always giving and thinking of how to best help someone in need.

I hope you will join me and pass this message onto our own children. Who can GIVEactually? Anyone! Families, churches, Girl Scout troops, baseball teams, individuals, schools, corporations….let’s show our true gratitude and blessings this holiday season and GIVEactually to someone or something…let’s help transform a child’s life!

Please visit our campaign website: http://starlight.org/giving/art2growon

I invite you to call me directly for any questions or material you may need.

Wishing you a safe, healthy, happy holiday season.

See you in art class!

Authored by: Lauren Perelmuter

Lauren Perelmuter, Owner and Founder of Art To Grow On Children's Art Center, Inc. has been dedicated to and deeply involved in the arts and art education for 25 years. As Founder and President, Perelmuter launched Art To Grow On Inc. in 2000, bringing Art Enrichment Programs, Products, and Services to children ages 18 months –18 years old. Perelmuter’s extensive background working with Schools, both private and public, along with Cities, Corporate Day Care Centers, Non-Profit Organizations and Corporations, has moved Art To Grow On Inc. to the forefront as one of the leading art enrichment providers in Southern California. Perelmuter believes the act of “creating” gives children Life Essential Skills: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Independent Learning, Collaboration, and Communication- skills this generation must embrace and refine not only to thrive but to contribute as global citizens and become optimal thinkers. “They are our future innovators!” Lauren can be reached at picasso@art2growon.com, www.Art2GrowOn.com and (310) 625-6028.

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