Kids Museum Manners

Kids Museum Manners

The summer months are especially an ideal time to remove yourself from the heat and head indoors for the cool air-condition of Los Angeles County’s many fabulous museums.  To truly enjoy the exhibitions stress-free, take some time prior to the trip to prepare your children with the proper guidelines and rules.

  • When planning your trip to a Museum make sure you go at a good time for your child, not what is a good time for you. Ex. Don’t go at meltdown time…Go after a nap… Go after they have eaten.
  • Know the Museum rules for where you are visiting. Some prohibit photography, food, etc. in certain areas.
  • Go over your rules and expectations for visiting a Museum with your child. Small children might need to be reminded several times. Remember that short attention span! If they do well in one area, be sure to praise them for good behavior.  Be vigilant in watching and being responsible for your child while you are there.

Never touch the artwork. Keep your hands to yourself; touching objects can damage them.

Never run, gallop, skip, jump, etc. in the galleries.

Stay together with the guide and the group during the visit.

Use quiet voices in a respectful volume and tone. This applies to adults too!

Save the snacks to enjoy outside on a warm day or on your car ride home. Also, no chewing gum.

Photography of objects is limited and subject to the approval of the Museum staff.

Please use your cell phone outside of the Museum.

Parents, if your child has a meltdown remove them immediately from the area.

Authored by: Constance Hoffman

Constance Hoffman is owner of Social and Business Graces based in Los Angeles County, a full range protocol training company, which focuses on business and social skills for professional adults and teaching children how to place their best foot forward. Often referred to as “The Modern Day Ms. Manners”, Constance has been featured on The Learning Channel, ABC News, in OK! Magazine and the Los Angeles Times Newspaper. Her first guidebook, “Tips on Tipping”, is now available on her website,

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