Kids Don’t Come with Filters

Kids Don’t Come with Filters

Kari Doody - Kid's Don't Come With FiltersMy sister called me last night to ask me what to do about her 5 year old who just doesn’t seem to know how to watch what he says. I asked her what she meant, and she told me that her son can be “too frank.” We know that sometimes kids say things that are totally embarrassing, to the point that you wish you could just disappear. We’ve all been there when all of the sudden your little darling loudly and inappropriately speaks their mind. In this case my nephew was at a birthday party that was a princess theme and when they brought the cake out which had a beautiful sparkly princess on it, he announced that he wouldn’t eat a princess cake.

My nephew of course meant no harm, but also needs to learn that his words can be hurtful to others. This is a good reminder for all parents to talk to your kids about “filtering” what they say. Even at the age of 5, they can understand how their feelings would be hurt if the roles were reversed.

Tips to use:

  1. Talk to your child before you go to any party and explain that they are a guest and should be appreciative that they were invited in the first place.
  2. Talk about why some conversations are not meant to be had in public. Particularly when it comes to potty talk or other peoples appearances.
  3. Role play with your child what you can say instead of “I don’t like this.” If your child doesn’t like something all they have to say is “no thank you.”
  4. Remind kids that pointing and whispering is not polite. If they have a question about something tell them to keep it to themselves until you are alone.


Authored by: Kari Doody

Certified etiquette trainer Kari Doody, owner of Courteous and Cool etiquette School here in the South bay, is teaching kids, tweens and teens manners for the modern world. As a mother of three children, she understands the daily issues we all face as parents. The world may be constantly evolving but , but the basic principals of etiquette still hold strong and true. For more information visit Courteous and Cool Etiquette School.

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