Keep the Baby Years Spot Free

Keep the Baby Years Spot Free

Dreft Laundry Stain RemoverMy babies are now all grown up – but I remember Dreft as the detergent I used for all the their baby clothes. Now Dreft has come up with special products to pre-treat those tough baby stains includes spit up, diaper leaks and more.

From formula spit up to baby food drool and everything in between, the stains of childhood are frequent and enduring. Pediatricians and moms have trusted Dreft for years to safely launder newborn and baby clothes without fear of allergic reactions or harsh ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin. Dreft has now created a Stain Removing Spray and a Portable Pre-treater Pen that is gentle for baby’s skin, yet unyielding on stains.

Ideal as a pre-treatment, Dreft Stain Removing Spray can be used to soak a stain and help lift it from fabrics during the wash cycle. For stains that happen on the go, Dreft Portable Pretreater Pen can be used to saturate and scrub out stains before they have a chance to set. It’s a must-have for every diaper bag!

Dreft stain removing products are sold at Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us and most grocery chain locations. For more information, visit

Authored by: Cathy Alessandra

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