Kauai – The Garden Island

Kauai – The Garden Island

Most people when they think of the Hawaiian Islands they immediately think Oahu or Maui.  Both of these beautiful islands have so much to offer and are a must see but if you really want to experience the true Hawaiian spirit think Kauai.

Kauai is nicknamed the The Garden Island for its beautiful green foliage and landscape, a touch of paradise.  The movie Jurassic Park was filmed there and Hollywood still comes calling when they need a tropical untouched paradise.  Kauai is filled with exciting adventures for families.  We loved the Kayak trips in Hanalei Bay on the north side of the island and if your family is adventurous try to hike the Napali Coast a four mile jaunt up and down a rugged coastline to a beautiful beach below, another two miles and you’re in the midst of a thunderous waterfall.  Captain Andy’s Zodiac Boat tour of the Napali Coast by sea, fishing, snorkeling and scuba are all available as well.

The lodging on Kauai ranges from the 5 star hotels like the Grand Hyatt or local condos for rent for that relaxing, local feel.  Shopping and dining are limitless, with Delta Airlines and others offering direct service from LAX..

If you would like a different “true” Hawaiian Family vacation please consider Kauai and Travelstore!  Mahalo!


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Authored by: Karen Murphy

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