How To Raise Kids With The “X-Factor”

How To Raise Kids With The “X-Factor”

Television, Computers, Video Games, Mobiles – these are the entertainment sources for kids today. Gone are the days when kids used to play hide and seek outside. Today’s kids are gizmo freaks and updated about the latest technologies.

But just like a well balanced diet, every kid needs well balanced learning instruments for turning them into multi dimensional individuals. To raise kids who grow up to become confident, talented and having their own individuality, it is necessary to sow the seeds in their childhood learning process.

Here is a list of ten creative learning and development activities:

1) Dance lessons- Dancing is a great way for children to exercise in fun way, spend time with other kids and develop a skill for the future. Dancing also relieves stress and the good hormones released during dancing keeps the kid active though out the day.

2) Hand down the family legacy- Are you good at painting or craft or something taught by your parents/grandparents? Well it’s time to bring down your family legacy to your kids. Be it your favorite quote, lamp shade you learned to make at school or even making castles in the sand-small things taught by parents are loved and cherished by kids when they grow up.

3) Sports- Swimming, skating, table tennis, badminton, basketball, cycling are some of the options. Take your kid to the games court and teach him some of your favorite sports. It is an excellent way to bond with your kid.

4) Debate– Discuss during morning walks- “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Mornings are an excellent time to take in fresh oxygen and give a fresh start to the day. Find a park near your house and take your kid daily for a walk .Inculcate this habit early in his childhood. During the walks, talk to your kid, ask questions, debate-in short challenge his mind. This will make his brain sharper.

5)Books- Introduce your kids to books early in his childhood. Inculcate this habit right from the time he can flip pages and start looking at the pictures. Slowly introduce him to classics, fiction and other genres based on his age. Books are excellent teachers and also help improve grammar.

6)Music- Enroll your kid for music lessons of his choice-for example learning to play the keyboard, guitar, singing etc. It is a lifelong skill. He can participate in school activities, perform in college events and is a great way to de stress. Make sure he practices it for some time during the week so that he does not lose touch. It can turn into an alternative profession also at later stages in his life.

7) Family events- Allot small tasks to your kid when organizing family events/parties. This will teach him etiquette and he will also learn little tricks from you which will help him in the future.

8)Games– Teach and play games like chess, scrabble, cards, tick and cross, mechanic sets, building blocks etc. These are mind stimulating games and the entire family can spend quality time together.

9) Travel– Take family vacations. Travel gives a lot of practical knowledge to your kid and expands his horizon. The pictures will serve as fond memories later in life.

10) Nature– Maintain at least small beautiful garden in your balcony. Ask your kid to water the plants every day. Teach him the names of different flowers and plants .On special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc plant tree saplings in your neighborhood .All this will take your kid closer to nature.

Guest Writer-Jimmy Sorensen

Jimmy Sorensen, from Campbell, CA is an aficionado of summer camps. He regularly writes about the benefits of summer camps for kids and teens. If you are planning to send your kid to a summer camps, but have queries in mind, follow Jimmy on Twitter @jimmy_sorensen or visit his website for more information on latest summer camps.

Authored by: Cathy Alessandra

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