Family Travel Tips…And Stress Relievers

Family Travel Tips…And Stress Relievers

Family travel, car tripSchool is out and a car trip is in the planning including checking for deals online, coupons, AAA, to save money on hotels, meals, etc. Planning can save time, money and stress!!

Helpful tips:

  1. Before you pack the car, consider possible situations. A child’s lunch box is
    the perfect size for emergency medical kit and will store under the seat.
    Also a few zipper plastic bags for motion sickness or to hold ice for an injury. On a long trip, renew prescriptions before leaving. Also include family medical information and contact phone numbers.
  2. Audio books, music or DVD equipment could save the day when youngsters get fussy or adults become bored with the scenery or night travel. Earphones would be appreciated when tastes in entertainment are varying.
  3. Consider having kids each keep a travel diary. The older ones can write and the younger ones can draw pictures of things they saw or experienced. They can document neat sites, funny things that happened, gas mileage, eateries, etc. Looking back on travel journals from family trips are sometimes funny and always special.
  4. Baby wipes are handy as a freshener after pumping gas, or enjoying a snack. An empty tissue box holds about 8 plastic bags for collecting trash…to be disposed of at the next stop. Assign this task to a family member.
  5. Bring along a favorite blanket or toy to at naptime for tired or fussy passengers. And come in handy in hotel rooms where nothing is familiar and the bed is not like theirs at home.
  6. Keep an information folder in the car for easy access of maps, etc. Have an older child
    be responsible for adding information as you travel; restaurant cards, menus, maps, etc. Phone ahead to confirm a room or dinner reservation to avert problems when late arrival in inevitable.

Charge cell phones and cameras before leaving home. Bring along the chargers.

Leave an itinerary of your travels & cell numbers with a relative or neighbor in case of an emergency. Stop newspapers and mail delivery or have someone retrieve. Piled up mail or papers is a clue the house is empty.

Rest stops are a great time to stretch, exercise and burn off energy before returning to the car. Upon re-entering the car, take a quick inventory: is everyone present, equipment & toys on board, nothing left in restaurants, on the car roof or trunk, seat belts in place, doors locked? Now, on to the next attraction.

Using these travel tips can not only save time, energy, money and frustration, but can lead to a fun experience for all. A car trip is as fun as you make it.

So get on the road and have a great trip!

Authored by: Ann Gambrell

Ann Gambrell is an organizational consultant, helping busy people to get organized since 1985. Ann is the originator of Creative Time-Plus, and conducts seminars, workshops and classes throughout the country. Ann is a founder and active member, of the National Association Of Professional Organizers. Her cassette tape and CD series relate to a variety of organizational topics including paperwork management, clutter control and kitchen organizing. View Ann's Profile on LinkedIn

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