Family Luxury Sports Travel…JUST DO IT!!

Family Luxury Sports Travel…JUST DO IT!!

Luxury Sports TravelWimbledon, Euro Cup or the Olympics, why not build a family vacation around a sensational sports event? A sports-themed trip can be one of the most challenging trips to plan, not only in procuring the much sought after event tickets, but also in finding reasonably priced accommodations. Trusting the details of a dream-come-true sports-focused vacation to a travel advisor can provide custom travel experiences to the world’s most dedicated fans and travelers.

Every year at the end of June, just as schools are breaking for the year, the United Kingdom attracts throngs of tourists in the summer months. With London as a backdrop for culture and sightseeing, tennis enthusiasts enjoy the drama and excitement of watching the world’s best tennis champions battling it out at Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world and, arguably, the most prestigious. You are invited to be part of this experience with your family, to enjoy a first-class hotel, tickets to the theatre, the local attractions and, of course to the tennis matches at the All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon. Parents will delight in the easy access to the best of Her Majesty’s London and their budding tennis pros will forever be inspired.

Next summer, France, will host the Euro Cup and soccer fans will witness Spain, the 2012 champs, defend the cup. With ten different host cities all throughout the country, there can’t be a more optimal time for families to enjoy traveling throughout France with soccer electrifying the months of June and July. Summer 2016 could provide alternating memories of the Eiffel Tower, a soccer match, a castle in the Loire, a soccer match, the high speed train, etc. etc.! Future MLS soccer stars will be doing scissor kicks over this vacation!

In 2012, the fanfare and energy surrounding the London Olympics was palpable worldwide. One of the biggest challenges was securing event tickets and accommodations. With the summer Olympic games fast approaching in Rio de Janeiro , savvy travelers are already beginning to plan the experience of a lifetime. With the variety of events, there truly is something for everyone and Rio, with its many attractions and famous beaches is prime to ensure that this will be a memorable and exhilarating vacation hub.

The centerpiece to any sports trip is the access to the events themselves, so, of course, planning early is highly recommended. Custom designed family packages can be arranged for just about any sporting event. Contact me to discuss your family sports travel experience. JUST DO IT!

Authored by: Cynthia Bartlett

Cynthia Bartlett is an independent travel planner and affiliate of Travelstore, She loves sharing her passion of travel with her clients and strives to create itineraries that are unique and stress-free. Having lived in the United Kingdom and France, Cynthia has an extensive experience in and knowledge of Europe. However, she has also traveled to 6 of the 7 continents, so is able to assist in crafting unique itineraries in all corners of the world. She enjoys finding adventurous activities and experiences that are unique, so that her clients feel they have traveled "deeper" than the average tourist. Her expertise is in family/multi-generational travel, but she loves the challenge of making anyone's travel dreams a reality! Cynthia can be reached at or 310-750-9404.

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