Essential Newborn Items for New Parents

Essential Newborn Items for New Parents

baby laying downBringing your newborn home from the hospital for the first time can be both a very exciting, joyful time for new parents, but also a very daunting experience.

Making sure you have all the essentials ready can give you peace of mind both before baby arrives, and after you bring your bundle of joy home for the first time.

Bedding: You’ll want to make sure you have a crib or bassinet with fitted sheets, a good quality mattress, fleece or cotton blankets and a few swaddling blankets.

Changing: For this you’ll need diapers, baby wipes, waste bags and baby powder.

Clothing: Your newborn will go through plenty of clothes so you’ll need to ensure you have multiples of: one piece suits, pants, shirts, pajamas, socks or booties, hats and jackets.

Feeding: Depending on whether you intend to breastfeed, formula feed or a combination of both, you’ll need some or all of the following items: bottles, sterilizer, formula, bottle brushes, breast pump, breast milk bags, baby bibs, towels and feeding pillow.

Bath Time: Keeping your baby clean and hygienic is extremely important so you’ll want to have all of these: a bath tub, towels, washers, baby soap, baby shampoo and baby moisturizer.

Transport: If you intend to drive your baby home from hospital, you’ll need a baby car seat or infant capsule that’s safe for newborns. You’ll also need a stroller or a baby carrier or sling if you intend on walking long distances with them.

Toys: In the first few days your baby won’t require too much stimulation, but as the weeks go by they’ll want to investigate the bright colors and textures of some interesting toys. So make sure you have a few rattles or teething rings they can look at.

Other Important Items: pacifiers, thermometer, nail clippers and a first aid kit.

Hopefully the list above can serve as a guide or a checklist for new parents and help make the transition from hospital to home a little less anxious and a lot more pleasant.

Guest Writer – Tanya Allsop

Tanya Allsop is a mother of 2 and lead reviewer and editor at where she frequently reviews the latest baby products on the market and offers advice for parents on buying baby essentials.

Authored by: Cathy Alessandra

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