DryPro Allows Kids in Casts to Enjoy All the Summer Fun

DryPro Allows Kids in Casts to Enjoy All the Summer Fun

DryPro, CastsLast summer I ended up in a cast for a short period of time. Showers – well, that was tough. Swimming, out of the question. I can’t imagine summer time with a child in a cast – and their desire to play in the pool or ocean! DryPro waterproof cast covers will allow your children to jump in the lake and pool at summer camp, or simply take a long-awaited shower without fear of damaging their cast. The vacuum seal, waterproof technology is patented and created by a doctor. It is the most-advanced and effective protective gear for medical device wearers available on the market today.

DryPro, Casts, ActiveOnce DryPro is properly applied over a cast, the cast can be fully submerged underwater without the possibility of leakage. A great product for anyone with prosthetic legs and those who wear long-term medical devices, such as PICC lines too. Starting at $35.95; www.drycorp.com. Also from DryPro, Cast Relief™ is a new, aerosol spray that will soothe the itch and eliminate odors under your cast. Cast Relief™ can be applied through a fiberglass cast, or sprayed directly at the source under the cast. $19.99

Authored by: Cathy Alessandra

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