Drazil Offers a Whole New Way for Kids to Have a Tea Party!

Drazil Offers a Whole New Way for Kids to Have a Tea Party!

Drazil Kids Tea, Health Benefits, Tea, AntioxidentsTea? Many kids would turn their nose up. But for many tasting Drazil Kids Tea, it is a different story! Publisher Cathy Alessandra’s daughter loved it!

Herbal tea is full of good stuff: antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but it’s often difficult to get kids to drink the healthy beverage – until now! Packaged in a convenient juice box, Drazil Kids Tea is a new, all-natural, organic blend of herbal tea and 100% fruit juices.

With 35% less sugar, it’s a healthy alternative to most kiddie drinks and juices. www.drazilfoods.com.

Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. People all over the world have been drinking tea for centuries.

Children in many countries grow up drinking tea. Tea is a natural source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and provides many health benefits. It’s also a great immune booster.

In the strict sense, the word tea has been reserved for infusions made from leaves of the evergreen shrub Camellia sinensis. Black, oolong, green and white tea all originate from this plant. Herbal tea, however, is made from plants using not just leaves, but also flowers, roots, bark and seeds. Herbal teas are called tisanes. Over time, however, the common use of the word tea has been extended to include herbal infusions.

Herbal teas provide many of the same health benefits and are naturally caffeine free.

Drazil is available at Whole Foods Stores in California and on Amazon.

Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

Cindy has worked for What's Up for Kids for over 19 years and is thrilled to take over as owner/publisher. She loves helping South Bay parents connect with resources and working with camps, schools and other businesses to get the word out about their quality programs and services for families. For marketing information you can contact her at cindy@whatsupforkids.com.

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