Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?

Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?

One of Those Days, ParentingSome days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you. Parenting will challenge you more than any job in the history of the world. If not now, then just know it’s coming. There are days that are hectic, when you can barely get dinner on the table and homework finished. There are days that are filled with meltdowns, fears and frustrations.. and the kids have a rough day too. I’d like to talk to you about the days that are so overwhelming you want to hide in a closet and hope no one finds you for the rest of the week. Those days are a like a parent’s Mt. Everest, only without a sherpa.

I’ve come to believe that these difficult, ravaging days are a rite of passage for parents. If you talk to your parents, I’m sure they can remember one or two. There’s a hilarious video on Facebook about soon-to-be parents sharing all of the ways they will be perfect parents. They won’t give their baby a pacifier, they’ll never allow screen time, their child will absolutely never throw a fit in Target when the line is 10 people deep. Never. It’s funny to us because we know how quickly things change. It’s often our high expectations of ourselves and our children that send us down the proverbial rabbit hole. On those particularly difficult days the best we can do is to make it to the end of the day and start fresh tomorrow.

Here are a few tips to help you IF you ever have a tough day;

  1. Journal- Write down where it all went wrong. Then add 1 or 2 steps you could take the next time things are looking bleak to help turn the day around. Try changing your perspective and your expectations for the day and see what happens.
  2. Exercise/Walk– As soon as possible and get that awful feeling out of your body! You’ll sweat it out and gain some clarity too.
  3. Gratitude– Be grateful that you are a parent and that your child is safe and loved.

Know this; You may not be a perfect parent, but you are the perfect parent for your kids.

Authored by: Michele Pullo

Michele Pullo created happycalmchild out of the needs of her own family and friends to have simple, tangible tools to help our children self-regulate their emotions, focus and ease anxiety. She works with both children and their parents through live and virtual classes, talks, webinars, family workshops and a private family program. She’s combined evidence based stress reduction tools with effective parenting techniques to give parents the support they need. Her experience as the mother of a 9yr old with ADD and a spirited 4yr old keeps her in the trenches with you! Michele’s background working with children, teaching Yoga and Dance along with 25 years of study on Stress Reduction Techniques, Movement for Learning and the Mind/Body Connection helped her create a structured, easy to follow, fun curriculum that gives kids the tools they need while giving parents the results and support they’ve been looking for!

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