Daddy Caddy from Go Mama Go Designs

Daddy Caddy from Go Mama Go Designs

Daddy CaddyThey can be spotted at grocery stores, playgrounds, schools and shopping malls all over the country. They stand out like a sore thumb. They are the dads who have left home with the kids and mom’s diaper bag. While animal, floral and pastel patterned bags are the perfect style statement for many moms, when they are hanging from dad’s shoulder something looks a little off. And, because most dads are not used to maneuvering with a bag on one shoulder they can make caring for kids a little awkward. Go Mama Go Designs has created the first hands-free diaper bag designed specifically for dads, the Daddy Caddy.

The Daddy Caddy is perfect for storing the essentials when leaving home with young children. A matching wipes-holder can be used to seal in just enough wipes for the trip while a few diapers are stashed inside the Daddy Caddy pocket. Personal items like a wallet and keys or a pacifier can be stashed in the zippered pocket. The Daddy Caddy can be attached to a belt loop with the built-in carabineer adding an extra pocket to any pants or shorts dedicated to baby gear. The Daddy Caddy can also be attached to a baby carrier, backpack and worn many other ways. It even features a water-resistant lining in case it needs to be used to transport a dirty diaper until a trashcan is reached in an emergency situation.

Daddy Caddy“In the majority of families today, dads are just as involved in caring for children as moms,” said Go Mama Go Design founder Georgia Fiebrich. “We created the Daddy Caddy to fit the lifestyle most men are used to. They don’t carry a hairbrush, nail file, headache medicine, a sewing kit and everything else women like to have stashed in their purses just in case. It is not how they think before having kids and for many it’s not how they think once little ones enter the picture. They want to pack the essentials and go, and that is what the Daddy Caddy enables them do. This way they can hold their child, not all just all their stuff!”

The Daddy Caddy is available in gray, navy blue, desert camo and black leather. It has an MSRP of $19.99 – $29.99. For more information and ordering, visit:

About Go Mama Go Designs
Go Mama Go Designs officially launched in 2006 with the award-winning Snug & Tug Blanket that swaddles an infant for a safe and secure sleep. After having a bad experience with traditional crib bumpers, Go Mama Go Designs founder, Georgia Fiebrich, did further research and found regular crib bumpers could be dangerous and unpopular among most moms. This research led to the creation of Go Mama Go Designs’ flagship product, the Wonder Bumpers. Go Mama Go Designs company culture is rooted in an unlimited amount of respect for parents and strives to create products that simplify their life so they can continue to focus on their children and their own dreams.


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