Curiosity! It’s More Than Just Asking A Question

Curiosity! It’s More Than Just Asking A Question

Curiosity, questions, creativityOne of my favorite stories involves my youngest son being asked “how old are you?” He said, “six, and how hold are you?” The gentleman answered, “57”. The group of adults laughed and commented how great it was for him to ask the question with such honesty and true curiosity.

Curiosity leads to so many things: We discover our world, we discover others, and most importantly we discover things about ourselves. How do we keep curiosity in the forefront of our children’s lives? We all see it when our little ones are young:
How does this work daddy? Why is that blue? Why is he crying mommy? I have seen firsthand in our art classes that as our students get older, questioning becomes less. So what can we do to ensure our children grow up as curious adults who seek answers and discovery? Let’s take the time to listen to our children with whatever they may ask. This really paves the way for confidence in “the asking”. Questions and trying to find the answer leads to dialogue, conversation and communication- Critical Life Essential Skills! The attention we can give our children when they ask questions can be life changing. Trust is deepened, personal acknowledgment is embedded and the confidence to go out in the world as “curiosity seekers” will become second nature. We need people to ask questions as our world becomes more complex, busier and faster.

Let’s take time this summer to create enriching conversations with our children – answering those questions will lay the ground work for our children to ask away as they become seekers themselves.

Happy Summer – See you in art class!

Authored by: Lauren Perelmuter

Lauren Perelmuter, Owner and Founder of Art To Grow On Children's Art Center, Inc. has been dedicated to and deeply involved in the arts and art education for 25 years. As Founder and President, Perelmuter launched Art To Grow On Inc. in 2000, bringing Art Enrichment Programs, Products, and Services to children ages 18 months –18 years old. Perelmuter’s extensive background working with Schools, both private and public, along with Cities, Corporate Day Care Centers, Non-Profit Organizations and Corporations, has moved Art To Grow On Inc. to the forefront as one of the leading art enrichment providers in Southern California. Perelmuter believes the act of “creating” gives children Life Essential Skills: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Independent Learning, Collaboration, and Communication- skills this generation must embrace and refine not only to thrive but to contribute as global citizens and become optimal thinkers. “They are our future innovators!” Lauren can be reached at, and (310) 625-6028.

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