Create a New Fitness Legacy

Create a New Fitness Legacy

Fitness and ExcerciseIn our last article, we introduced you to the concept of identifying what story has been running your life in the area of fitness, health and self-care. Once you know the story you’ve been running, you now have all the power to create a new legacy to pass down to your children. What messages would you ideally want them to internalize about health and fitness? How do you envision them living out this ideal healthy version of themselves?

The first step in creating this new legacy is getting clear about your own vision for yourself. We suggest writing out a new story that empowers and motivates you to make fitness and health a priority. One that creates possibility and busts through your limiting beliefs about yourself. For example, Coach Khatija’s old story was about needing to sacrifice her time for her kids as a single mom and having too much responsibility and not enough time to make fitness a priority. Her new story is much more empowering and goes like this: “I am a capable, determined and resourceful woman and mother, dedicated to myself and to my children. In making my health and well being a priority, I am modeling self-care for my children and an example of how to live a whole and full life. I know there are creative ways to integrate a commitment to my health and fitness.” Can you hear all the possibility in that new story?

Once your new story is written, it’s time to let it inform your actions in life by incorporating more fitness into your daily routine that can include your children and ultimately demonstrate for them the importance of leading a healthy, active life. Through working with numerous families, we have discovered many ways to do this.

If you are interested in running but find it difficult to make the time to get out and do it, one suggestion is to take your kids to a local track and let them play on the field while you run the track. Or head down to the beach and have them ride bikes or scooter alongside you while you run. If you are new to running, we suggest starting off with short run/walk intervals that you gradually increase over time.

Other ideas for family activities are the sand dunes in Manhattan Beach, swimming at the local pool, hiking, dancing, yoga, roller skating, trampolining at Sky Zone, or indoor rock climbing.

We encourage you to get out and try something new. Physical activity is a great way to bond as a family.

Commit to 5K is a 10 week program that combines life coaching wiht run coaching to ensure that participants reach their goal-crossing the finish line at their first 5K race and establishing healthy, positive internal and external habits.  More information can be found

Guest Writers-Khatija Dadabhoy and Kristen Bell
Khatija Dadabhoy leads the life coaching portion of the program. She is a transformational counselor and coach who holds an MA in counseling. She specifically works with women who are ready to experience their inner revoluntion!!

Kristen Bell leads the running and physical fitness portion of the program. She is a certified running and triatholon coach. She’s been helping women kickstart and reach their fitness goals since 2010.

Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

Cindy has worked for What's Up for Kids for over 19 years and is thrilled to take over as owner/publisher. She loves helping South Bay parents connect with resources and working with camps, schools and other businesses to get the word out about their quality programs and services for families. For marketing information you can contact her at

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