Clean Sweep…new & easy tips!

Clean Sweep…new & easy tips!

Home cleaning tips, organizationWho doesn’t like a clean home, without hiring a cleaning service?

Here are some QUICK & easy tips to get you & your family started on some dreaded chores.

  1. Good equipment is key to getting things done easily. Disposable purchased dust cloths grab up the dirt & not just move it around on the surface. Cloths are also made for “mops” and come in dry & wet. Check them out at the store to see which you can use.
  2. Spray polish can renew wood surfaces. Tip: spray onto the cloth and not directly onto the area you are polishing…eliminating spraying onto areas not intended…. such as upholstery, etc.
  3. Micro fiber cloths are great for windows and mirrors. They are lint free and reusable. Wet wipes are great for sink & tub/shower faucets and hardware. Don’t forget the towel bar hardware.
  4. Spray cleaners are also made for cleaning the bathtub & shower, eliminating a lot of scrubbing with dry cleansers and sponges.
  5. Cleaning liquids are made specifically for toilets. Swirl the liquid around the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes before using the bowl brush to clean it. Remember to sanitize the brush regularly (using ©bleach water) and replace as needed. Wet wipes are good for cleaning the top of the toilet tank and the flusher handle…as well as the base of the toilet and the floor around it. A chore no one likes, but necessary.
  6. Using the end of a broom, covered with a cleaning cloth, grab up those nasty cobwebs that “grow” in ceiling corners.
  7. Window cleaner is usually safe for most kitchen counter tops and makes them shine. Some surfaces are better cleaned with soap & water. Making a spray bottle with water & a few drops of dish soap is an easy to do this.
  8. Remember to change the kitchen sponge daily. You can also zap it in the microwave for a minute, add it to your dishwasher or drop into the laundry… which is what I do. Keep a few on hand for this. I understand that the sponge is the most germ-laden item in your kitchen. When food, etc. sits in the sponge it grows bacteria. Yikes!

Well, that should get you started. Oh, yes…. And get the entire family involved in cleaning. I have a saying in my home: We share the fun and the dirt.”

If you have a cleaning tip…. let me know. I am always open to new ideas.

Enjoy your clean home!

©Ann Gambrell July 2014

Authored by: Ann Gambrell

Ann Gambrell is an organizational consultant, helping busy people to get organized since 1985. Ann is the originator of Creative Time-Plus, and conducts seminars, workshops and classes throughout the country. Ann is a founder and active member, of the National Association Of Professional Organizers. Her cassette tape and CD series relate to a variety of organizational topics including paperwork management, clutter control and kitchen organizing. View Ann's Profile on LinkedIn

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