Children’s Birthday Party Tips and Tricks

Children’s Birthday Party Tips and Tricks

Childrens Birthday Party TipsI recently received a question from a parent who threw a birthday party for her seven year old daughter at a local pizza parlor. Invitations were sent out to the classmates of her daughter, however the day of the party several parents also brought along the siblings. The frustrated parent inquired how to avoid this situation in the future since on this occasion she just paid the extra cost for the siblings.

My advice is to write “No siblings please” on the invitations. Should siblings show up, please speak with the parent away from the group and the children and let her know that you have purchased food, game tokens, tickets, etc., just for the party members. If the facility is opened to the public, suggest they make their own arrangements to pay admission, if applicable, and other dining choices as the party room is for RSVP guest only.

Below are a few additional birthday party tips and suggestions regarding children’s parties:

  • Keep the guest list to a reasonable number. My general recommendation is one guest for each year of your child’s age plus one.
  • Don’t distribute birthday party invitations at school unless everyone gets one. Prevent hurt feelings by mailing invitations or call parents instead.
  • The time of your birthday party should also be determined by whether or not you will be serving a meal (not including cake and ice cream). Morning parties should end by 11:30 am, afternoon parties should begin about 1 pm, and evening parties should end around 5:30 pm. Nothing could distract a partygoer more than a growling tummy!
  • Have plenty of adult help on hand.
  • Make sure your child greets each guest. They should also be available to say “good-bye”.
  • Follow up with hand written thank you notes. As a part of good manners, be sure to have your child send out thank you notes 1-2 weeks after the party.
Authored by: Constance Hoffman

Constance Hoffman is owner of Social and Business Graces based in Los Angeles County, a full range protocol training company, which focuses on business and social skills for professional adults and teaching children how to place their best foot forward. Often referred to as “The Modern Day Ms. Manners”, Constance has been featured on The Learning Channel, ABC News, in OK! Magazine and the Los Angeles Times Newspaper. Her first guidebook, “Tips on Tipping”, is now available on her website,

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