Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Karen Murphy Charleston, South CarolinaRecently I was fortunate it enough to visit Charleston, South Carolina. A city that harbors so much American History it’s hard to take it all in. Founded in 1670 by English Colonists the city then grew from a colonial seaport to a wealthy city.

My dear friend from High School lives and works in the city so I felt like I had the upper hand in getting a local’s prospective. It is a city that is complete. I stayed at the beautiful Charleston Place Hotel located within walking distance to all the shopping and museums. Beautiful Plantations and Ft. Sumter are just a few of the sites to see. We took a carriage ride so that I could gain prospective of the countless streets and alleys that seem to melt together in this story filled city.

Connecting service on Delta Airlines thru Atlanta was the most affordable way to travel there and a car rental is not needed if you want to stay in the city limits. Various hotel accommodations exist from luxury hotels to local B & B’s.

If you want to feel the unique southern hospitality take in Charleston and walk the streets, taste the magnificent food and slow things down a bit, something we can all benefit from.

Authored by: Karen Murphy

Karen shares a conviction that as world travelers we have a responsibility as individuals and as a company with respect to positive social and environmental change. She is committed to responsible travel that promotes understanding of and helps conserve cultural and natural environments, and are mindful of practicing good citizenship that is supportive of places we visit, as well as of our own community. Learn more at

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