Boston, MA – “The Capital of New England”

Boston, MA – “The Capital of New England”

Welcome autumn, back to school, schedules and the dreaded homework!  Hopefully everyone had a relaxing and fun filled summer with family and friends.  My family and I spent a great deal of time this summer on the east coast and had the chance to enjoy the city of Boston.

You may know that Boston is the first city in the U.S. to have a Subway System, public schools, and a public lending library.  The city is filled with history and is known for their higher education establishments with Boston University, MIT, Boston College and of course Harvard to name a few.

Boston is a family friendly city with many activities focusing on its rich early American history.  The Freedom Trail is a guided tour – a red line that runs through the city that you can walk on your own or with a Colonial costumed guide!  Perfect for those young 5th graders studying the revolutionary war.  They can even tour Paul Revere’s home located in the North End of the city.   The whole family enjoyed Boston’s famous “ Duck Tours” which is an 80-minute driving tour that takes you from land to water in the same vehicle.  The duck tour drivers are each unique and give you a colorful interpretation and overview of the city.   Book early though since ticket times do sell out.  Baseball fans can enjoy the famous Fenwick Park and see the Red Socks play.

Boston is wonderful in the summer but the beautiful autumn leaves of Fall are amazing as well.  Direct flights on American make it an easy decision and the city has many affordable lodging options.

Let me help you plan your visit to a city that truly brings you back in time and reminds us of our amazing American history.

Authored by: Karen Murphy

Karen shares a conviction that as world travelers we have a responsibility as individuals and as a company with respect to positive social and environmental change. She is committed to responsible travel that promotes understanding of and helps conserve cultural and natural environments, and are mindful of practicing good citizenship that is supportive of places we visit, as well as of our own community. Learn more at

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