Book Review: Shmelf The Hanukkah Elf

Book Review: Shmelf The Hanukkah Elf

shmelf-the-hanukkah-elfHow do you explain to children who believe in Santa Clause why some of their friends miss out on gifts from Saint Nick? How do you bring alive the magic of Hanukkah to both Jewish children and their non-Jewish pals? What about families that celebrate both holiday traditions? Written by Greg Wolfe and illustrated by Howard McWilliam, SHMELF THE HANUKKAH ELF is a fun and magical holiday mash-up that can be enjoyed by all who celebrate during the holiday season.

Shmelf is the newest elf at the North Pole and it’s his job to check the naughty and nice list. When Shmelf discovers many good children won’t be receiving gifts from Santa, he brings his concerns to the head elf who tries to reassure, “Of course you don’t know, since you’re quite newish. But the kids on this list are actually Jewish.” Still concerned that some kids don’t receive Christmas presents, Shmelf heads off to visit Jewish families during Hanukkah, peering through the windows he sees the families lighting menorahs, spinning dreidels, eating gelt, telling stories, and giving gifts!

SHMELF THE HANUKKAH ELF is a fantastic addition to your holiday library and the perfect way to introduce children to holidays they celebrate and those celebrated by others. Available now at {pages} and online at

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Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

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