Book Review: A Farmer’s Alphabet

Book Review: A Farmer’s Alphabet

a-farmers-alphabetWhat’s Up for Kids received a copy of A Farmer’s Alphabet illustrated by Christina Allen and written by Charles Long and found the illustrations and verse charming.  It was a refreshing update to the typical farm books that usually only feature the same few familiar farm animals. This book expands the child’s world to include sustainable farms while gently leading the child from A to Z.  The book aims to teach children about the animals and plants on a sustainable farm and to open the reader’s eyes to the amazing world of sustainable farming. Most children in the South Bay do not have the opportunity to regularly visit a farm, and A Farmer’s Alphabet gives a great introduction with beautifully illustrated depictions of farm life. At the end is a wonderful glossery to learn about new words introduced by the book (adults may learn a few things, too!) A great read before or after a trip to your local farmer’s market and a fun addition to your preschooler’s library.

This Award-Winning Book Pairs Each Letter of the Alphabet with an Animal, Plant, or Natural Feature on a Sustainable Farm in Southern Maryland. The latest book by author and illustrator duo Charles Long and Christina Allen offers a fresh take on an old favorite – an ABC book celebrating sustainable farming illuminated by captivating rhymes and gorgeous watercolor illustrations.

A Farmer’s Alphabet takes young readers on a walk through a sustainable farm in
southern Maryland. Pairing each letter of the alphabet with an animal, plant, or natural feature, the book offers lovely rhymes and a number of new words that children and their parents will appreciate, all set off by Allen’s charming

A few examples:

E is for eagle and eggs from a hen. F is for fallow, for frog, fly, and fen.
I is for ice in the wintertime white. J is for jelly in jars sealed up tight.
O is for owls, for onions, and oats. P is for pumpkins, potatoes, and poults.

A Farmer’s Alphabet received the 2016 Silver Moonbeam Award for
Alphabet/Counting Books, 2016 Evergreen Bronze Medal for Nature Conservation
and the Bronze This Is Living Award, a category that included all books, not just
those for children. Likewise, “Momma Tree,” the first book published together by
Long and Allen, won the Moonbeam Gold Book Award and the Mom’s Choice Gold
National Book Award.

Farmer’s Alphabet; Author: Charles Long; Illustrator: Christina Allen; Publisher: Corn Crib Publishing; Category: Juvenile Non-fiction, Nature/Animals, Farm/Sustainable Living, Education/Alphabet; Hard Cover: 978-0990768821, $20.99, ($19.99 if purchased directly from Corn Crib Publishing); Availability:, Corn Crib Publishing, direct from the author or illustrator at or, any book retailer

Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

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