Book Review: What Color is the Wind

Book Review: What Color is the Wind

what-color-is-the-windKids have a keen ability to ask questions that make adults stop, think, and see the world for a moment through new eyes. While giving a reading, author Anne Herbauts was asked by a blind child, “What color is the wind?” Her 2012 award-winning book What Color is the Wind is her brilliant and thoughtful answer, and has now been translated from French for release in the United States. Herbauts realized that when it comes to the wind, “both the blind and the seeing know equally as much, just differently.”

What Color is the Wind follows a small giant on his quest to find the answer to his own question. He asks the animals he encounters: a dog, a wolf, an elephant, a bird, and the bees all for their thoughts and each one gives a different answer. To the wolf, “the wind looks like the dark smell of the forest,” and to the bees, “the wind is the color of sunshine.” The giant also asks his question to the earth’s mountains, rivers, trees and sky. Again, to each one the color of the wind is different.

Along with the thoughtful answers to the color of the wind, are the striking illustrations, and most impressive, the book is designed both for blind and sighted readers. Each page has textural element to explore, inviting the reader to have a multiple sensory experience. The book’s softcover and pages are made from a thick, flexible material so the reader can fan through the pages and produce the wind for themselves. What Color is the Wind published by Enchanted Lion Books and is available now at {pages} and online at

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Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

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