Baby B’Air-Lap-Seating Made Easy

Baby B’Air-Lap-Seating Made Easy

Baby B'Air, Taveling with Infants and ToddlersThe FAA-approved Baby B’Air Flight Vest is the only safety solution for lap held children while traveling in an airplane. The Baby B’Air is the perfect solution for all babies, securing them safely to their parent so that both baby and parent are comfortable and there is no squirming or potential for baby falling.

The Baby B’Air is worn by the infant like a vest. Constructed of 100% cotton and comfortable to wear for baby, the Baby B’Air is used by simply connecting it to the seat belt of the adult. The baby can then be held, fed and even changed while both parent and child remain securely fastened in their seat. The baby is more comfortable than they would be in a baby seat, but is just as securely fastened and unable to fall or pull away. The Baby B’Air retails for $34.95 and can be purchased online at or found in retail stores nationwide.

Seven year’s ago when my now 8 year old was a baby we were flying to Puerto Rico on a red-eye flight and it was too expensive to buy a seat for her (which would have been required for traveling with her car seat.)  I was concerned she would wiggle around and fall and concerned about turbulence as well.  My husband found the Baby B’Air at a Child Safety store in Los Angeles and it worked great for us, we were comfy and the flight was less stressful all around.

Authored by: Cindy Donnelly

Cindy has worked for What's Up for Kids for over 19 years and is thrilled to take over as owner/publisher. She loves helping South Bay parents connect with resources and working with camps, schools and other businesses to get the word out about their quality programs and services for families. For marketing information you can contact her at

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