Aqueduck Bath Spout Extender and Cover

Aqueduck Bath Spout Extender and Cover

AqueduckWhen my kids were little we had bath spout covers to make bath time safer and prevent head bumps, but The Aqueduck from Peachy takes it one step further.  The Aqueduck provides  a fun waterfall to make hair washing more appealing to kids. This is truly a product I wish I had back when my girl’s were little.  In addition to the Bath Spout Extender, Peachy also offers a Faucet Extender to make hand washing easier by bringing the water a little closer for little ones.  Cute gift for a baby shower!!

Bath spout extender + cover
The Aqueduck® Bath Extender is a product Peachy founder created after speaking with numerous moms about bath time problems. Moms wanted a solution for filling baby bath tubs easily without wasting water and an easier way to rinse a toddler’s hair without bumping their head on the faucet. My solution for these both time problems (and more!) is the Aqueduck® Bath Extender. It is fun and useful for kids and parents! Easy to install, flexible fit, easy to clean, no PVC, BPA, or phthalate.

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