Alternatives to Trick Or Treating

Alternatives to Trick Or Treating

Kerri Zane - Alternatives to Trick or TreatingIf you’re a busy working single mom like me gearing up for Halloween can add to the stress. So this year why not ditch the hassle and try one of these alternative ideas for fun this October 31:

  1. Carving a pumpkin is usually a pre-Halloween tradition, but it is a difficult task and sharp knives prevent children from really participating. Instead, decorate them using multi-colored sharpies, an old hat, false eyelashes, buttons or pieces of fabric. The best part about opting out of carving; your kids get to enjoy their handy work because un-carved pumpkins last longer.
  2. Corn maze, pumpkin patch, or hayrides can be a fun adventure for single moms and kids to spend a spooky Halloween eve together. To find one near you click here.
  3. Everyone loves a good story. Tell spooky stories for older kids and finger plays for younger kids. Gathering your kids’ friends for a Halloween evening of storytelling and let your other single friends enjoy a Halloween date night. Next year it’ll be your turn!
  4. A Halloween night pirate themed treasure hunt is a great holiday alternative. Set up clues around the house with little pieces of candy attached to lead your kids to the treasure. Where “x” marks the spot can simply be a cardboard box filled with more candy or small toys.
  5. Older kids and adults might want to check out Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare. It starts October 10 with awesome musical guests, horrifying attractions and is guaranteed to give you a scare. It’s not for little children or the faint at heart.

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Guest Writer – Kerri Zane
Kerri is an Emmy award winning television executive producer, healthy living expert, single mom advisor, speaker, and author of “It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One.” published by Morgan James, (November 2012). She is the family travel expert for Peter Greenberg Online, a regular contributor to What’s Up For Kids as well as various mommy blogs.

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