Alaska – A Family Adventure

Alaska – A Family Adventure

When I think about the state of Alaska I think about beautiful, untouched landscapes and endless opportunities. So many travelers see this unique state by cruise ship but there are so many ways to take in Alaska’s spirit.

Alaska Airlines flies daily from most major cities to Anchorage and many tour companies provide comprehensive tours suited for families. On tour you can experience the true wilderness, Mt. McKinley, Denali National Park, Kenai Peninsula, Orca Whale Watching and get close and cuddly with those amazing sled dogs the Alaskan Huskies. Many summer activities like Lake Kayaking, river rafting or guided hikes are included. Lodging along your tour is usually at the same lodges that the cruise ships use for their excursions and most of your meals are included in the package price.

The untamed feel of this wonderful state is just a few hours away by air and it’s the most unforgettable trip you will ever make with your children. See Alaska from air, land and sea with a tour that will sure be an excited and stress free vacation.

Summer is the perfect time to visit, call me for more information today to get started on this wonderful adventure.

Karen Murphy

Authored by: Karen Murphy

Karen shares a conviction that as world travelers we have a responsibility as individuals and as a company with respect to positive social and environmental change. She is committed to responsible travel that promotes understanding of and helps conserve cultural and natural environments, and are mindful of practicing good citizenship that is supportive of places we visit, as well as of our own community. Learn more at

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